3 Ways to Get Access to Your Grandchildren After a Divorce

Posted on: 28 January 2020

A divorce doesn't just affect a couple and their children. It can also impact the lives of extended family members like grandparents.

If one of your children is separated or divorced, then you may have lost contact with your grandchildren through no fault of your own. This is a distressing situation that can be hard to resolve. However, there are things you can do to re-establish contact. What are they?

1. Open the Lines of Communication

Sometimes, grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren because the primary caring parent isn't their biological child. This parent may want to cut off contact with their spouse's family. Sometimes, a failing relationship with one or both parents is the problem.

Before you do anything else, try to make contact with one or both of your grandchildren's parents. Explain that you would like to continue contact with your grandchildren to keep your relationship alive. Try not to be judgemental or to get involved in discussions about the marriage breakdown or what has happened since.

Sometimes, making the first move is enough to get you in touch with your grandkids again. However, if you and their parent can't come to an agreement, you may need to move things on.

2. Suggest Family Mediation

If the parent who is withholding contact from your grandchildren is willing to talk to you but you can't work out a tangible solution yourselves, then it may help to have some family mediation sessions. An independent mediator may be able to breach this gap.

A mediator doesn't get involved in the ins and out of the separation and divorce process. They can help you cut through these problems and focus on doing what is best for your grandchildren.

If mediation doesn't work or if you can't get your grandchildren's parents to agree to it, then you may need to take a legal route.

3. Consult a Family Lawyer

The law appreciates the role that grandparents play in a child's life. You may be able to get court-ordered contact if all other methods fail.

This isn't always a simple process, however. At this stage, it's worth talking to a family lawyer to see what your options are. They can advise you on the legal steps you can take to re-establish contact with your grandkids and advise you on whether these steps are worth pursuing.

For more information, contact local family lawyers and arrange an initial meeting to find out where you stand.